10X Lower Rates for the Display and Native Channels

Hi There,

We are glad to announce that minimum CPM rates for Display and Native channels are 10x times lower now. We decreased minimum CPM rates for these channels from $1 CPM to $0.1 CPM

New Rates;

  • $0.001 for Audience
  • $0.003 – Verified Audience
  • $0.001 for Pop traffic
  • Native/Display traffic min CPM – $0.1

Also please remember our minimum deposit is only $25

New feature for Display and Native campaigns

New feature: We have added a new filtering option for Native and Display campaigns – Carriers segments & filters. To enable carriers segments and filters you need to:

  • Click ‘enable advanced settings‘  at the bottom of the campaign settings page.
  • Enable ‘Carriers segments & filters’
  • Include or exclude available options

New Traffic Channel – Verified Audience

Hi All

We updated our list of security filters list. Now it has the following options:

  • Exclude known malicious bots
  • Exclude anonymizing VPN services
  • Exclude public proxies
  • Exclude web proxies
  • Exclude TOR exit nodes
  • Enable Integral Ad Science Firewall
  • Enable Forensiq Risk Score
  • Enable UltraShield Viewability Firewall

We also would like to announce that we will separate the Audience channel in two groups

  • Audience
  • Verified Audience

Audience is non-verified traffic that costs $0.001 CPC. It contains only basic security checks like IP click limit and JS support.

Verified Audience is verified traffic compliant with Integral Ad Science and Forensiq. In addition to the filters contained in the Audience channel it supports the full list of filters mentioned above. Minimum CPC for the Verified Audience channel starts at $0.003.

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IP Whitelist/Blacklist

We’ve added the ability to block the IPs you don’t want to get traffic from. Alternatively, you can specify the IPs that they want to get traffic from and add them to the IP whitelist box.

To enable this feature, you need to select Enable IP whitelist/blacklist on the campaigns setting page.

How to Make $ 5 735 Profit With Just One Browser Game CPA Offer

We started working with Naruto Online, an browser game (http://naruto.oasgames.com/) insummer of 2016. The goal was to get sign ups, reach maximum possible conversion rate and ROI.
KPIs: Maximize conversions number, while keeping Cost per Conversion less than $1.98.
CPA network: Affiliaxe.com
Offer: Naruto (US SOI)
Payout: $ 1.98
Period: 26.07.16 – 12.08.16
Traffic Channel: Native
Country Targeted: US
Tracking Platform: Trafficadventure Pixel and Postback URL tracking
Number of custom creatives: 150
Number of landing pages:6
Results are here;

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